A Mother Who spent Wisely on Her Son

A Mother Who spent Wisely on Her Son

A man came back to his home in Al-Madinah after many years of journey. He asked his wife about his son and an amount of thirty thousand dinars which he had entrusted her before starting his journey. His wife said to him, “First go and pray in the mosque of the Messenger of Allah , then I will tell you about them.”

He went to the Prophet’s Mosque and saw a gathering of many eminent attendees and as soon as the crowd gave him space, he saw Rabbiyyah, his son there. Rabiyyah had become a famous scholar and was heading a study circle at the Mosque which included the likes of Malik, Hassan, Zaid, Ibn ‘Ali Al-Lahbi, As-Musami’i, and other figures of repute and intellect from Al-Madinah.

The father confirmed the scholar’s identity with a man from the gathering and then left the crowd to return to his home. He said to his wife, “Indeed, Allah has elevated your son to an unparalleled level.”

His wife responded, “What is more beloved to you, thirty thousand dinars or the status that your son has achieved?” He replied, “Certainly the ranking that my son has attained.” His wife continued to explain, “I have spent all of that wealth upon him.”

The father replied in a satisfied tone, “Indeed, you have not wasted it on him.”

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