Abdullah ibn Umar (RadiyAllahu Anhuma) reported that Allah’s Messenger (SallAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said:

“None of you can be (true) Believer unless his desire becomes subservient to what I have brought (of guidance and teachings).”

(Imam Muhiyusunnah (r.al) reported this Hadith in Sharah as-sunnah and Imam Nawavi (r.al) has stated in Arba’een that it has an authentic line of transmission. It is also reported in Kitab al-Hujjah on authentic line of transmission)

Commentary: The message of this Hadith is that a true Believer is one whose heart and mind, and desires and inclinations obey the guidance and teachings (Which is the Book and the sunnah) that the Prophet (SAWS) has brought. This is natural corollary of believing in him and accepting him as Allah’s Messanger. If anyone does not experience this condition then he lacks true faith, and he should work to bring himself to that standard.

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