Good News For The Ummah Of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.)

ProphetMuhammadpbuhDecember 03: ‘Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-’As (radiAllahu anhuma) reported: Verily the Apostle of Allah (sallellahu alaihi wa sallam) recited the words of Allah, the Great and Glorious, that Ibrahim (a.s.) uttered. “My Lord! lo! they have led many of mankind astray: But whoso followeth me, he verily is of me” (al-Qur’an, xiv. 35) and Jesus (Isa) (a.s.) said:” If thou punisheth them, lo! they are Thy slaves, and if Thou forgiveth them-verily Thou art the Mighty, the Wise” (al-Qur’an, v 117).

Then he (s.a.w.s.) raised his hands and said: “O Lord, my Ummah, my Ummah”, and wept; so Allah the High and the Exalted said: “O Gabriel, go to Muhammad (though your Lord knows it fully well) and ask him: What makes thee weep?”
So Gabriel (a.s.) came to him and asked him, and the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) informed him what he had said (though Allah knew it fully well). Upon this Allah said: “O Gabriel, go to Muhammad and say: Verily We will please thee with regard to your Ummah and would not displease thee.”
[Sahih Muslim: Book 1: Hadith 0397]

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