Islamic Quiz 01

Islamic Quiz 01

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1) Khatam-an-Nabiyyin means ….…

A. Ending of the Prophet (s.a.w.) prayers

B. Last of the Pharaoh

C.The last of the chain of the true Prophets

D.The last Day of Judgment

2) Good manners are important in Islam so that you can be appreciated and honored in important high society gatherings.

A. True

B. False

3) What is the meaning of Arabic word “Gharimeen” ?
A) Wayfarer or traveler
B) Prisoner or captive
C) Debtors, who owe money to others
D) Poor and Needy
4) What was the title of Abu Bakr (r.a.) ?
A) Al-Ghani
B) Al-Faruq
C) As-Siddiq
D) Asadullah
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Answers of the November 21th quiz are;
1) B. Al Sirat al Mustaqim
2) B. A translation of Sura 3:110
3) A. 10 people or 3 fasts
4) D. Chewing a date and feeding a newborn after the birth

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