Islamic Quiz 03

Islamic Quiz 03

Answer the following questions and post your answers in comments section with your email ID.

1) Truth is the language of Islam and is called the ……

A. Ar Raheek al Maktoom

B. Al Sirat al Mustaqim

C.Fi Sabi Lillah

D. All of the above

2) “You are the best community which has been raised up for the guidance of mankind: you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong.” The above statement is

A. A saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

B. A translation of Sura 3:110

C. A saying of Prophet Musa (pbuh)

D. A & B

3) If a Muslim breaks his oath he must provide feed how many poor people and if not then he must fast for how many days ?

A. 10 people or 3 fasts

B. 21 people or 8 fasts

C. 13 people or 5 fasts

D. 17 people or 6 fasts

4) Tahnik is .…

A. Naming a newborn

B. The name of a tribe of Arabia

C. Reading the Adhan in a newborn’s ear

D. Chewing a date and feeding a newborn after the birth

Answers of the November 19th quiz are;

1) D. A & B

2) C. Those who have faith that they are superior to other people.

3) A. True

4) B. India

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