Islamic Quiz 05

Islamic Quiz 05

Answer the following questions and post your answers in comments section with your email ID.

1) Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) was ready to sacrifice his son ……. on Allah’s (s.w.t.) command.

A) Ishaq

B) Ismail

C) Idris

D) Ilias

2) 1 of the 30 valuable advises from Khalifah Ali (r.a.) is ………

A) Be kind and respectful to parents

B) Love your neighbors

C) The best truth is the keeping of promises

D) All of the above

3) Which Surah begins with “Say O disbelievers?”.

A) Al-Nasr

B) Al-’Asr

C) Al-Kafirun

D) Al-Ma’un

4) One of the contributions of Abu Bakr (r.a.) was ..…

A) Collections of coins

B) Building lots of mosques

C) Collection and collation of Al-Quran

D) Bringing the whole of Egypt under Islamic rule

Answers of the November 15th quiz are;

1) C. The teachings, sayings and life-example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

2) B. By studying the Quran and example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

3) D. A & B

4) B. 3

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  • saifuddin

    1).B ismail
    2).D all of the above
    3).c al-kafirun
    4).C) Collection and collation of Al-Quran