Islamic Quiz 13

Islamic Quiz 13

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1) Sayyid Qutb’s book, Milestones’ 2nd chapter dealt with this important subject. What is the title of this chapter?

A.The Divine and the Human

B.The Human and his Society

C.The nature of the Quranic method

D.The unique Quranic generation

2) Which one of the statement is correct about Hajj?

A.It is obligated on all able bodied men and women

B.It is obligated only on those who can afford to make it

C.It is optional to those who can afford it

D.All of the above

3) Identify the correct translation of “Iqra, bism Rabbikallazi Khalaq” ..

A.O you who are enwrapped in your mantle, arise and warn ….

B.Read, in the name of your Sustainer, Who created ….

C.O you folded in garments, stand to pray by night ….

D.The best of this world and the world Hereafter ….

4) Participation in Funeral Prayer is —-

A.a personal obligation

B.a collective obligation of the community

C.a collective option of the community

D.any of the above

Answers of the November 7th quiz are;

1) D.the people

2) B.9 years

3) C.Salat and Zakat

4) B.Riba

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