Islamic Quiz 14

Islamic Quiz 14

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1) The Islamic political system makes the ruler and the governmen tresponsible firstly to Allah and then to who?

A.Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

B.Prophet Muhammad the the Judicial Branch of the State

C.The Judicial Branch and the Khalifa

D.the people

2) How long did it take Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to conquer the entire Arabian Peninsula?

A.8 years

B.9 years

C.9 years & 8 months

D.10 years

3) According to Qur’an these two things become the responsibility of the Islamic State to establish in the society? Which ones are they?

A.Sawm and Hajj

B.Salat and Hajj

C.Salat and Zakat

D.Zakat and Sawm

4) It is their a trade nor a profit but it is a means of exploitation and concentration of wealth. What is its Quranic term?





Answers of the November 6th quiz are;

1) A. 1236 CE,

2) B. Abbasid

3) C. In Islam, women are held in very high esteem

4) A) He died of natural causes in old age

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