Conversations in the shade of the plane tree» To the readers of this blog …

"Conversations in the shade of the plane tree» To the readers of this blog … You may have noticed that it was not powered for several months. I owe you an explanation. In fact, I was very busy. And I am pleased to officially announce today the reason for this absence with the release of the new book, "Conversations in the shade of the plane tree." This is a book of interviews with Jean-Michel Blanquer. The first meeting was held Thursday, October 19 at 9:30 am. A few days earlier I had received a phone call from his secretary: "The minister wants to meet you." I was a little worried. Would he show a grudge for a phrase I contributed to disseminate "Control-Z"? It did not happen. This man is not resentful. He expressed great listening skills during the interview. He just wanted to hear me and not to convince me. It is this first date that gave us want to continue the conversation during many interviews, some of which took place in the gardens of the Ministry in the shade of the plane tree he loves so much. I wanted to give the opportunity to express a secretive man that little book. It was paper writing
not only to compensate for its low media exposure but to show the doubts and questions that cross it. In this book one can read in particular its belief that it is the teachers in the field who are capable of inventing the answers to solve the crisis of the School and not solutions from above. It is a plea for the "bottom-up" far from a logical "top-down" and technocratic. It also raises the issue of innovation at the school by returning to the proposals of CNIRE he read very carefully. This conversation is finally proof that he knows liberate itself from the labels attached to each other. It is a hymn to tolerance. Thank you for this new editor for giving us the opportunity to get out this book at this critical time of year. I hope this book will find a wide audience as the reforms and the action of the minister! Post Scriptum – last year on the same date in 2017, I wrote this – in 2016, it was the text … – and in 2015, I made this post … ——- —————- Chronicle education Philippe Watrelot is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivs 4.0 International. Posted by Watrelot to Sunday, April 1, 2018

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