It will also be the time to choose between Italy and Spain, for example.

A win in their last 13 contests requires a free-range attitude. CROTONE p. 27Otto points in the last 6:01 more workers spirit. Stroppa stuck good game concepts and personality since he returned.

It not lost since February 23 in Brescia, where up to 10 ‘from the end was 0-0 with discrete merits. In the previous three races before the Lecce defense he had closed with 0 goals conceded in 270 ‘. The restart has been subjected to tests (Carpi), the turn after a degree (Perugia). FOGGIA p. 27Questione salaries also resolved for this round. Without penalty would save the people of Puglia.

The reality says that today the struggle for Foggia playout it in direct confrontation with the Croton succumb (two losses). The next opponents will be tough though: the Brescia in Lombardy and Spezia at Zacharias. peremptory order: do not drown because then comes the fun against Venice, Livorno and Cremonese. PADUA p. 23 Bisoli yes, Bisoli not, in Foscarini Foscarini out, try again Bisoli, no nothing to do Bisoli. Then Centurions.

The victory of La Spezia (the only one in the last 9 days) was misleading. The team, though rebuilt in January, remains with large dark areas. Now from the outside you can not get anything. Only the reasons, which are then from within.

The recovery here is the derby at home to those who hold high the name of the province on a football level, the Citadel. Just as a stimulus? CARPI p. 22Soltanto a win in the last 11 days and 7 defeats. The defense is the softest of the tournament (49 goals conceded). Outside the home unbeaten in four rounds in a row, the Cabassi goes a bit ‘better, but only recently (4 points in 2 races).

The calendar offers once the junction with the Croton at home, then away in Benevento and other challenge-despair against Padova. Unless it is not already too late. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Matteo Brega

September 28, 2018 – Milan Antonio La Torre (center), 61, Milan, swimming theoretical value athletics Antonio La Torre is the new technical director of Italian athletics. This was decided by the board of FIDAL met in Rome. La Torre, 61 year old university professor in Milan, coach capable of bringing Ivano Brugnetti Olympic gold in the 20 km of the Athens march, said yes after refusing several times commissioned in recent years.

Stefano Baldini instead confirmed his resignation as technical director of development after the last few hours has also failed the last attempt to mend. In the new La Torre will be assisted by two deputies, Roberto hazards for the “absolute sector and development activities” and Tonino Andreozzi for the youth sector, existing as two numbers in the organization in the era Baldini-Locatelli.

Former theoretical value Locatelli will instead have the job of director of the performance in a coordinated partnership with La Torre. As for the top athletes of the 35-36 group, the heads of the various areas were named: Philip Mule speed, Gianni Tozzi obstacles, Claudio Mazzaufo jumps, throws and combined events, while La Torre will have the interim to march, long and middle-distance marathon. grippo top – La Torre will be presented on Tuesday in Rome.

And you better know his ideas, especially on the possibility of creating a group of athletes 10-12 summit that will be followed with extra attention and monitoring, a choice also requested by CONI. Among the new features a new centrality of the Roman Water polo Sorrel. Valerio Piccioni

March 27, 2019 – Milan Ronaldo after the injury. Ansa Delays of several hours Cristiano Ronaldo return to Turin. The Portuguese, who injured with Portugal in the match against Serbia, will return only tonight and will be visited tomorrow by the Juventus medical staff to assess the recovery time in Italy.

Today, however, Ronaldo flew to Barcelona for personal business (as he then certified the Portuguese with a post on social): no medical consultation, therefore, as it was originally thought in Spain. To know the recovery time must therefore wait: it is “an apparent injury to the Portuguese modest to the flexor of the right thigh,” as said yesterday it was Juventus. And the question is always the same: Ronaldo will be against Ajax in the first leg on 10 April?

For the answer we must still wait. View this post on Instagram Great day at @nike new offices in Barcelona! Always nice to spend time with my partner! #nike #nikefootball A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) date: March 27, 2019 at 10:52 PDT THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Gasport

January 25, 2019 – Milan Tiago Djalo intercepted in Milan continues the policy of young talent at home Milan. The last shot is called Tiago Djalo: the middle class in 2000 has landed in Milan and tomorrow will sign the contract that will bind to the Milanese club. BLITZ – The Rossoneri have anticipated competition from Lazio and Manchester City in the race for the Portuguese Sporting gem.

Djalo has spent his first night in the hotel Italian Republic Square which often hosts Milan fans footballers. So many smiles and a few selfies with some fans who have recognized the entrance. PATH – The idea of ​​Leonardo and Monchada is to become familiar with Italian football to the boy, starting to Federico Giunti Spring.

With the possibility of entering, however, in the first team, taking numerically rose the place occupied by Simic (went on loan to Frosinone). A gradual growth. Milan, in fact, believes so much in the central Lusitanian (and at home compare with Pepe) and wanted to anticipate the arrival in January, to prevent possible entries of other suitors. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Nicholas Schira

February 6, 2019 – Milan Pedro De La Vega, for Argentina. AFP Dad Lisardo De La Vega is a special dad. Pedro has seen him grow in golf near the Iron Carrill Sur: first as manager, then as youth leader and now as vice-president of the club. Meanwhile, the eighteen (tomorrow) Pedro went to Lanus, making his debut in the first team in the role out loud: lots of speed and dribbling dry. And now for him there is also a showcase with Argentina in Sub 20 Chilean.

Tomorrow his son faces Uruguay, but holding court is the market, with offers from Europe. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV juve interest – Two concrete, including Juve. He is flattered, but does not want to run. “Juventus are a great club but I think that Pedro should do everything without haste. It will also be the time to choose between Italy and Spain, for example.

Now, however, he must make its way in Lanus “. There is talk of million-dollar offers for his card. “All I know is that we have an excellent relationship with the club. Those interested come forward with Lanus. Then, they turn to me or to Carolina Mascardi, our only consultant ever since Pedro was in the youth. We have not given a mandate to anyone else, because the future of Pedro is designed with calm, without force. ” Carlo Laudisa  @ carlolaudisa

January 30, 2019 – Milan Six consecutive victories, 18 in the last 19 games played. In the midst of the Six Nations Grand Slam and you win with victory over the All Blacks on 17 November in Dublin. Ireland presents the edition 2019 with the aura of the main favorite.

They say the game, the quality of the players and the depth of the rose, says the ability of those who have shaped and still driving, they say, in fact, the results. A series of results that has hoisted the national led by New Zealander Joe Schmidt up to number 2 in the world rankings, just 1.37 points from the All Blacks, who never had seen the last four years crunching his undisputed reign.

And insidiarli is the team that has beaten them twice in the last three comparisons: historian, 40-29 Chicago in November 2016 (the first victory over New Zealand), followed a few weeks later by the revenge of champions world (9-21 in Dublin). Joe Schmidt and the Irish captain Rory Best with the Six Nations trophy. AFP path – Ireland’s c.t.

Schmidt, who will leave office at the end of the World Cup (said stop, but his name is high on the list of candidates to take up the legacy of Steve Hansen to guide the All Blacks), he started this his just set the last day of the Six Nations 2017, when Dublin denied to England, already champion, the second Grand Slam in a row. The only defeat instead came last June in Brisbane, in the first test series with Australia (though the series eventually won 2-1).

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